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The LAWsome podcast brings you the latest in law firm development and legal marketing. LAWsome is powered by Consultwebs, a digital marketing solution for legal professionals since 1999 with a proven track record of successful marketing campaigns. LAWsome takes that experience and combines it with legal industry insights and interviews with the best experts in law firm development and legal marketing. The LAWsome podcast is like a legal seminar that people actually want to attend. Plus it’s grass-fed.


Hosted by Jake Sanders and Paul Julius, LAWsome helps attorneys and legal professionals grow and market their practice. The inspiration for LAWsome came after Jake and Paul kept hearing the same concerns from frustrated clients. They wanted to serve the legal community by providing an authentic and inspirational resource for lawyers and people working in law firms and make legal marketing LAWsome.

Jake and Paul take their experience as
attorneys and legal marketing professionals with thousands of advertising
campaigns under their belt to give you advice, insight, and practical tips to
up your game. They know the
pain points you’ll inevitably encounter as you grow and market your law firm
and want to help you overcome them with ease.

Each episode starts with introducing the topic of the show, then going through articles, blogs, and other resources relevant to the topic and the legal community. They then jump into an interview with an industry expert or roundtable conversation to take a deeper dive into the topic. With humor, wit, and heart, you’ll learn how to make your firm better — episode by episode. And, according to Jake and Paul, they “typically end each episode with no injuries.”

The weekly episodes have covered topics
ranging from legal research and AI, how to create a marketing strategy, the
torts of tomorrow, building a virtual law firm, and building a law firm that
lasts. After listening, we hope you’ll be a little more LAWsome in your work
and lives.

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