FEELING Good Trumps BEING Good

“When you dance, the whole universe dances.”
– Rumi

But I Thought I Was Supposed to Be Good. Well, as it turns out, Feeling Good works so much better. Only then can you truly help other people. Only then are you part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Only then is your life condition sufficiently elevated that you are projecting high vibrational Energy. When you feel good, you connect with your True Self and your True Self is always in a state of pure love and pure joy. Feeling Good is the very thing that will lead to being, doing and having the Life you desire.

Trying to be good is a losing battle because what others – parents, teachers, society – consider good behavior is often at odds with your natural inclination to feel good. Trying to be good is an attempt to live in accordance with external guidelines rather than in accordance with your own inner guidance. This requires a shift in perspective because most of us have been taught to think of others first. The truth is, if you’re pleasing yourself, you ARE contributing positively to others. Seek thoughts and experiences that feel good to YOU, recognizing that Feeling Good is the best thing you can do for yourself as well as for others.

Make feeling good your highest priority. It might sound radical to recommend that everyone start focusing exclusively on what makes them feel good, but that would actually raise the vibration of our planet so much that everything would improve. Each person who focuses their Energy on feeling good raises their vibration and contributes to the joy of our planet. When you feel good, you have the capacity to care about others and live generously. When you master the Art of Feeling Good, you have mastered the Art of Living. When you Feel Good, the fulfillment of all your desires flows to you easily and joyfully.

What do you do for fun? How do you answer that question? Before I lightened up and accepted that Life is supposed to be fun, I was often stumped by that question. I had been trained to believe that Life was about being good and overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. Now I understand that Life is about Feeling Good and having fun and enjoying the journey.

“The tiny air currents that a butterfly creates travel across
thousands of miles, jostling other breezes as they go and eventually changing the weather.”
– Edward Lorenz, meteorologist at MIT

We Are All Connected. Because we are all connected, any improvement you make in your individual world contributes to improving our world at large. Be selfish enough to want to feel good. If alarms start going off in your head at the thought of being selfish, keep in mind that when you’re out of alignment, you have nothing positive to give to anyone anyway. What you vibrate is what you have to give, which means that when you make feeling good your highest priority, you are helping yourself AND others. What’s good for you IS good for others. Feeling Good, as it turns out, is the most Unselfish thing you can do

Law of Attraction Coach Kate Corbin - Feeling Good Trumps Being Good

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