How to Make the Universe Work With You to Have a More Balanced Life⚖️

Achieving a well-balanced life can be challenging.

For most of us, there’s just too much work to be done that we’re left with so little time. It’s as if every day when our heads hit out pillows for the night, we aspire to create a balance in our lives the next day until we don’t… again, for the nth time.

And then we go through our daily lives, with little to no change.

I say attaining a balanced life is a challenge because it requires us to go deeper into what’s really important to us. And sometimes, what’s really important can be the things that we tend to ignore because it will compromise what we have gotten used to.

But did you know that you can actually manifest balance?

You are a magnet for everything. This means that you can attract what you are.

You have to be who or what you want to see.

In this case, a person with more balance in life.

So, for you to manifest a life of balance, you have to check in yourself.

What are the things that you can get rid of to achieve more balance in your life?
How do you feel about removing these things from your life?
Are you scared of the change that’s to come?
Are you unsure about it?

You might not get all the answers in an hour, In fact, it could even take more time than that. You have to reflect and see what are the imbalances in your life.

You see, when you send out your intentions to the universe, it wants you to be as specific as possible. You just can’t ask the universe to give you more balance in life. It needs to know the exact things that you need to get the balance that you seek.

When you’re not balanced, it could be difficult to get your thoughts in order. It’s as if your thoughts and emotions are all over the place. This happens because your mind isn’t clear, after all, there’s too much going on.

I encourage you to take a moment, at least each day, to do these steps that will help you get your life aligned. Eventually, it will unravel the things that you need to eliminate to create more balance in your life.

Acknowledge the Present

So right now, your life is out of balance. It could be that your life mainly revolves around work. Or it could be that there’s a certain aspect in your life that is a little bit too much to the point that it tips the scales.

What I want you to do is to acknowledge what’s happening. Acknowledge the state your mind is right now and how you’re feeling.

Be completely honest with yourself. Open your eyes to the areas of your life that you’re neglecting.

It may hurt to see these things, but push yourself to look at it straight in the eye, and acknowledge that it’s there.

This may take time getting used to, so don’t force it. As I mentioned, you can do this gradually.

Set aside a few minutes of every day to work on this.

Make a List of How You Want to Balance Your Life

Now that you have fully acknowledged the things that you’re neglecting in your life, it’s time to decide on the best ways to balance your life.

And the good thing is, you know exactly what to do. Now, you have accepted that certain aspects of your life need to go or perhaps, decreased, to allow room for what’s more important that will allow you to create balance in your life.

There are going to be a lot of ideas running in your head this time so I urge you to make a list of all the things that you will do to create that balance.

Take Action

How to Make the Universe Work With You to Have a More Balanced Life

When you have your list ready and finalized, it’s time to take action. I don’t mean to take action of everything on the list within a day.

You can do it one step at a time.

It takes time and effort to overcome the patterns that you have set and create new ones. Stay on track of your intentional process for at least 90 days and by the end of that period, you’ll realize that you are living a happier and more balanced life.

As you do these steps, you are also raising your energies that puts you at a higher vibration that makes you an even stronger magnet for the things that you want to come in your life.

These steps allow you to be more specific on what you want and the universe will honor it.

Right now, imagine what your life would feel like if you have more balance in it.

And then, work towards it. The universe is waiting to work with you.


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