Law Students Evict Bird From Law School Library

For weeks, a bird freely roamed the stacks of Harvard’s law library, stealing food from law students and keeping an eye out for Remy the feline auditing Harvard’s courses. The school brought in animal control folks and told everyone to starve the bird out, only to watch the bird mock them from the rafters.

But the bird has finally been evicted thanks to a group of 3Ls who bought a $12 net off of Amazon and got the bird out of the library. One of the students had violated the “no food” edict and fed the bird blueberries to earn its trust before turning the tables on the bird and allowing another student to scoop it up. The gang released the bird Saturday morning into the wilds of Cambridge.

For his part, the Langdell bird isn’t enjoying the out of doors:

Sorry buddy. This is why birds fly south for the winter. If the bird is still a law school snob, maybe Duke’s law library has some room.

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