This Biglaw Partner Represents The Rich, And He Loves It

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You’ve got about 3,500 billionaires in the whole world. I’m blessed to have a few of them as clients.

It’s a lot better being on clients’ yachts and planes than it is being stuck in a conference room. That doesn’t mean I never get stuck in a conference room, but at least there are times I can be on their yachts and planes.

I say half-jokingly I represent the rich and the spoiled. They have to be very rich, and sometimes spoiled. But they do have to be very rich.

— Michael Kosnitzky, co-leader of Pillsburys’s Private Wealth practice, offering some commentary on the clients he represents worldwide. “Even the ultra-wealthy need protection, and maybe no more so than now,” Kosnitzky said. “Because there’s an unfair connotation that those who are ultra-wealthy achieved their wealth unfairly, and that is anything but the case.” While some of his clients are worth between $20 and $50 million, the vast the majority are worth more than $100 million.

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