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The following video clip was excerpted from the Abraham-Hicks workshop in San Diego on August 13, 2005. You can follow along with the transcript below. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

Video Credit: The Portal Library

When Does a Being Enter Physical Body?

Q Thank you for everything you do, first of all, for all of us.

A We do nothing.

Q You give us guidance and good ideas. I have three questions, if they’re okay. First is,
when does a Being join or enter into its physical body? Is it at the point of conception when the
sperm enters the egg, or is it some time during gestation…just when it’s born? When does that
Being take possession of the body, so to speak?

A The reason it will be a little bit difficult to answer this question precisely as you’ve asked
it, is because the premise that you are coming from is flawed in this way. (And most people have
this same misunderstanding.) You see yourself as a clump of flesh, and you see this Nonphysical
Energy as a clump of Energy, so you’re wanting to know, when does the clump join the clump?
[right] (Fun!) And we’re wanting you to understand that it’s a Stream of Energy. And so, some
of the Consciousness is entering the fetus because the mother’s body is calling it forth. And so,
there is cellular summoning that is taking place all during the formation of that. And you say,
“Well, is that my Inner Being that is in there growing me as a fetus?” And we say, well, yes, but
not in the way you are specifically meaning it in this question.

In other words, when the Consciousness that you would define as you enters your body
(we want to say) at first breath, but that really is not accurate, in the sense that Nonphysical
Energy has been aware of this growing Being all along, and, to the degree that is necessary for
the growing of the body, it is taking place.

You might say, if we want to really exaggerate this point, that Esther’s Consciousness
entered her body long before she met Abraham, but now that she is allowing Abraham to flow
through, a whole lot more of that Nonphysical Consciousness is being allowed. That’s why so
many religions are saying, “I’m born again. I’m finding a way to really allow who-I-really-am to
begin to flow.”

So, we know it’s on this debate over abortion, or right to life, and all of that stuff. And
what we want to say is, you cannot quell life. You cannot stop life—it flows. [okay] Man worries
needlessly about so many things.

– Abraham-Hicks – San Diego August 13, 2005

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